Christoph Theile

Der Experte für

Emotionale Souveränität

Keynote: Leadership needs emotions

Emotions are allowed anywhere but in business. In the football stadium or in pop concerts, people are almost freaking out with enthusiasm; only in meetings or in the office there is a wonderful, artificial and uniform harmony that must not be broken. Once a manager turns loud, everyone flinches in indignation. Christoph Theile shows in an impressive way how emotions can enter everyday business life and unfold their power – for mutual success! Enthusiasm belongs in companies!

About Christoph Theile:

Christoph Theile has been CEO of EQTing GmbH since 2018 and is an emotion expert in executive development for 15 years. Today he works as a speaker and elite coach. The business mathematician looks back on many years of management experience in international wholesale and in the logistics industry. Christoph Theile focuses on leadership and emotions being the author of numerous published articles on emotions in business. They can be found on the website in the Press section.

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Führung braucht Emotionen

Das Spezialangebot in der Krise

… this world today is divided into two categories: Influencers and followers! Influencers are the active designers. They make opinions, form communities and take the lead. How do they do that? They use their emotions consciously and purposefully as a powerful resource and create enthusiasm. The EQTing method is the competence-key.

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Keynotes for companies

Keynote of 30-45 minutes followed by discussion - online
  • Themen der Impulsvorträge mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten.
  • Ängste in der Krise meistern
  • Mit emotionaler Souveränität durch die Krise
  • Veränderungsprozesse bewusst mit der Kraft der Emotionen zum Erfolg führen.

Elite-Crisis-Coaching one on one

Business-Coaching with Christoph Theile. Especially in times of crisis, emotional stability is highly important in order to create safety within your teams.
  • Themen des Business-Coachings mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten.
  • Umgang mit den eigenen Ängsten und Sorgen - und mit denen meiner Mitarbeiter/innen
  • Führung auf Distanz im Homeoffice
  • Strategieentwicklung in der Krise - was passiert, wenn die Krise vorbei ist?

Strategy consulting for your company

Strategy consulting with Christoph Theile. Positioning yourself emotionally and economically for the time after the crisis
  • Mögliche Themen der Unternehmensberatung
  • Strategieentwicklung für den unternehmerischen Umgang in der Krise
  • Die Mitarbeiter emotional im Unternehmen halten. Emotionale Mitarbeiterbindung.
  • Vorbereitung auf die Zeit nach der Krise